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Spruce Grove portable sign bylaws. Each city has its own bylaws concerning the usage and placement of portable signs. Below is a quick summary on the sign regulations for Spruce Grove.

General Sign Regulations include (but not limited to):

  • All signs, unless otherwise stated is required to have a development permit.
  • No sign shall be placed in such a way that it interferes with the movement of pedestrians using sidewalks, walkways, or roads.
  • No sign shall be of any size or design that will obstruct the vision of a person using roads or lanes.
  • Maximum sign face area of any sign shall be 35 sq.m. (376.7 sq.ft.), unless otherwise stated in the bylaw.
Portable / Temporary SignPermit
No PermitNumber of SignsSize Specifications
A-Board Sign *1 per site frontage0.3sqm (3.2sqft) max face area
Balloon Signs* 1 per site7.62m (25ft) max height
Banner *1 per building or structure 
Billboard* 1 per quarter section 
Construction Site Identification Sign *1 per site5sqm (53.8sqft) max face area
Developer Marketing Sign* 2 per site3sqm (32.3sqft) max face area 3m (9.8ft) max height
Development Directional Sign* 2 per site frontageResidential: 1.5sqm (16.1sqft) max face area, 3m (9.8ft) max height Others: 2.97sqm (32sqft) max face area, 3m (9.8ft) max height
Election Sign *  3sqm (32sqft) max face area
Garage Sale Sign *  
Temporary Portable Sign* 1 per street frontage of a site4.5sqm (48.4sqft) max face area 3.05m (10ft) max height

The sign regulations of the city of Spruce Grove is stated under the Land Use Bylaw. Did not find what you were looking for? Here is a more detailed copy of the bylaw: Spruce Grove Portable Sign Bylaws

Fort Saskatchewan Portable Sign Bylaw

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